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    Adhitia Sofyan :
I need to know what's on your mind
These coffee cups are getting cold
Mind the people passing by
They don't know I'll be leaving soon

I'll fly away tomorrow
To far away
I'll admit a cliché
Things won't be the same without you

I'll be looking at my window seeing Adelaide sky
Would you be kind enough to remember
I'll be hearing my own foot steps under Adelaide sky
Would you be kind enough to remember me

I'll let you know what's on my mind
I wish they've made you portable
Then i'll carry you around and round
I bet you'll look good on me

I'll fly away tomorrow
It's been fun
I'll repeat the cliché
Things won't be the same without you

I've been meaning to call you soon
But we're in different times
You might not be home now
Would you take a message
I'll try to stay awake
And fight your presence in my head

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