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About the song :
I’ve always fascinated about vampires and glad I could write a song about them. This is a story about the immortal being who falls in love with a mortal like us.
Secretly I’ve been in love with you
From the dawn of the days where the vampire roams
But you just couldn’t see it
I won’t appear on your mirror
And every morning when I come home
To get away from the light that can send me to hell
Even though I was hiding
I’m still on the run with those sinners
And everyday in these thousand years
I’ve waited and waited
For one of these days I can see the light
And finally see / feel you
So I’m sitting here singing immortal mellow
For it’s night slowly turns into life
I’m watching you singing immortal mellow
While I stand by your window tonight
When day turns to night everything will fall
Into places where mortals and sinners collide
I would tell you a story
Of how would a man gets / got his freedom
But still in the end everything still falls
Every time that day comes to blinded the earth
I was thinking of staying
Just lay on the grass till its over
I want to touch you in bright of the day light
Where you say to my face that my spell’s finally broken
Lets see what they run after forever’s fall
In this underworld

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