Black and gray clouds willow in the balance as the sun falls.
Rain plays a heart warming tune, on the pavement.
Emotions stir.
A feeling of warmness, compassion, fullness, I feel at home.
Disguised by surroundings.
As the torn and left in the gutter seek vengeance on their mistreated lives.
As the torn and left in the cold, seek vengeance on mistreated lives.
A silhouette stands still.
A cactus on a warm summer night.
But the rain falls cold and the moon shines bright.
Black as night.
Cold as ice.
Warm as home.
Ready to live.
Stars they shoot.
In a clear.
Across the sky.
As does my time.
Waiting, wanting, feeling, emotion.
Crying, breaking, loving, nothing.
Clouds swallow the moon, and I’m alone,
thinking good times, and why'd they go?
Falling down, breaking down parts of me.
Fuck. I need this place to get away from you.

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