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    Superman Is Dead :
I want here to tell you, the story about this
King halelluja, queen of the light
He’s never been sleeping, he liked to get trippin’
Never give up for taking drugs

So whatcha gonna do, my Ephedrine King
6 in the morning still got the pills
When the whiskey comes down
When it comes down, he’s gonna start to search the light

Ephedrine King [hell yeah!]
Walking backwards for some fun
F-U-C-K [fuck yea!]
Say it loud when you get high

Talking too fast, but moving so slow what
The hell am I doing down here with you
Walking like rubber, and my hair is growing
Am I just pretending or is it real

So whatcha gonna do, I’m the Ephedrine King
6 in the morning still got the chicks
When the whiskey comes down
When it comes down, girls they’re just gonna scream so loud

So do you think it’s been so fun?
Well I guess you’re not so pretty right
Cos deep inside I feel so low
In everything I’ve done for life

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