Koleksi Saya

Broken HeartArtist : Closehead

feels like broken heart tearin' us apart
gonna live your life in stereo…….(stereo)
take another chance got beaten down and die
gotta watch her close like satellite………(satellite)

I'm sick and tired of this I can't afford to miss
what I've long for is just another lips to kiss
guess I've seen enough this holy game of love
so why the fuck should I be left alone tell me why

you've got into this but you don't want to
i don't want to let it go guess you never miss me
just a little bit of me so come on now let it show
(see you around in other round but i never want it you to go)

staring up your eyes has tearin' me apart
gotta find a way to turn the time………….(turn the time)
guess you've seen me tried to make you feel alright
I'm gonna hit you with a thousand lies……(thousand lies)

I'm sick and tired of you I can't afford to blew
What I've waited for is not another story told
Seems I had enough your stupid game of love
but why the hell should i be torn apart tell me why
back to reff

I shouldn't try to pick your lock
I guess you don't want me anymore
I'd thank you for letting me this go