Koleksi Saya

Let Me BeArtist : Ran

Engkaulah yang membuatku tersipu
Dan kaulah yang menghias hari-hariku
Jangan kau hapus mimpi-mimpiku ini
Bukakanlah pintu hatimu kepadaku, kasih

When I saw that cutie
I like the way she worked that booty
I love the way she dance, so groovy
I like to take her to the movie

I'm chasing you, girl with so much pace
I'm taking the chance, so I don't go to waste
I' think it's love, it's more than lust
And for me, getting you is a must

Anytime you need me, baby I'll be here for you
Because everytime I need you, you were always there for me
I'll be loving you, oh baby every night and day, and baby..
Please let me be your one and only