Koleksi Saya

The Real MeArtist : Ressa Herlambang

Baby you're the one
And that's reveal from my heart
This rhythms to you
This feeling's never gonna change

But you hardly change the way i am
To be the one you found of
No I can't lie
Even though that would make you happy
Something you've got to know
And see what my heart wants to show

If you really host to love me girl
If you want to take my heart away
Then you've got to know and realized
The real me
If you want to share your heart with me
If you're ready to share your life
Here i am and this is all for real
The real me

I'm not the perfect guy you wish for
Could you sense the good and bad of me
For the sake of love
There's nothing else i'm asking for
But to feel what true love is
Cause, only love brightens our lives