Koleksi Saya

I Miss YouArtist : Rocket Rockers

Your picture is not enough again in my memory
And I don't wanna lose it in that phone
There is keep a girl who called my power
The angel that make me sober

Believe me, for every nerves in my hand
This lips just wanna scream; i care for you
Not give up, even you have a boyfriend now
But I don't care

I'll always call you everyday
Coz you're 700 miles away…

You're the everything, the everything I want to fill my soul
You're the only one, the only one I need to be my song

Morning I wake up…today
I feel you in my breath…thank you
And try to show you how much I care but…but its too late
Coz you always come in my dream…"A.L"
I thought you are around me….but not now

And every minutes in my life
I just really want to say…I miss you