Koleksi Saya

You're Not The OneArtist : Bibus

I’ve been counting days since the day we met
We spent time together eternally
Love can brings us happiness I’m sure
But also misery...

Everything that we might have done before
Sadly I can feel that no more
You will see it in your mind's eye
That we’re not meant to be

Reff :
Every time I say goodbye
I think of all the time we’ve had
I don’t wanna let you go

But every time I see your eyes
I see the lies that you’ve done to me
I realized that you’re not the one

I thought that we could be for eternity
Givin’ all my love to you completely
Knowing that you do those things to me
We should just be friends

Baby I don’t wanna play your game
It seems that all your good things
Just fade away...
I just wanna live my precious life
I don’t, believe in you…