Koleksi Saya

SomeoneArtist : Brian Culbertson

Since we met
we never let our feelings go too far
from being just friends
i always thought how good you are to me
could we be much more?
where do we begin?

my mind says don't change a thing
'bout the way we are today
but my heart speaks don't be afraid
or let her slip away

sometimes love can change your mind
but don't let her pass you by
you'll never know what you might find
she could be waiting too for
someone to love

it's said that friends can be the best in love
i believe that it's the best way to start
every part of me feels that i'm complete
wouldn't change a thing i love you as you are

i can see, the beautiful, tears that fill your eyes
could they mean you feel the same,
all we have to do is try

sometimes love will make you cry
touching places deep inside
i want to spend the rest (all) of my life
loving you
and being someone
someone you love

if i should ever
let you down
just remember
i'm just a man
the same you know with all my faults
i've waited all this time
why should i search for someone else
our love can't be denied

sometimes love will take her time
but when you know she's by your side
everything will be alright
knowing that i have you
baby someone
someone to love