Koleksi Saya

Annihilate The EnemyArtist : Jasad

I open my notebook,
Obviously index of the enemies
Signed one by one by ink of average
Written bold deep inside my hatred

Scalpel luster for my enemy
Malicious hate glaring my enemy
The anger shine held in my hand
Blood bath this land

I\'m revenge
Annihilate you and all of your breeds
I\'m revenge
For the misery you gave me
I\'m revenge
For the pain you\'ve done to me
Senseless Revenge!

Incisively greet my enemy
Scornful with my guts
The contemptible is my knife
Now I slice your body

The inhumanity is in my hand
Now I mince your body

I kill you for my mom
I kill you for my faith
I kill you for my dad
I kill you for my pain

Slowly I make you live in suffer
I don\'t want to see you die faster
Chant of your pain as my anger
You and your family live in danger

Announce to everyone near you
I\'m the man the picker of your soul
Speech to your shepherd
I\'m the creature who determinates your death

It\'s me the beast, born and live in southeast
It\'s me the beast, born and live in southeast

Charlie manson is your idol
So you can\'t treat me as a doll
Sumanto is my idol
So I treat you like a doll

Annihilate my enemy
I gift the agony
I send you purgatory
I cage you in misery

With chisel in my hand
Sculpturing your body
Blood lined cross the body
Display you in the gallery

With axe in my hand
Crushing for more artistic wounds
Slashing the faceless corpse
Show the cadaver in gallery
With cigarette in my hand
With no remorse I watch you die
With no regret I see you putrefied
Annihilate the enemy!