Koleksi Saya

Pathetic Unidentified ObsessionArtist : Jasad

Killing me softly
Power on your sight stab me deeper
Jailing me meekly
I have no power to run and hide
Poisoned me slowly
I have no cure but your smile
Enchanted me by the beauty
That I see on the screen

Living by my side
Breathing by my side
Sleeping by my side
That\'s all my imagines
Living together, laughing together, crying together
Unfortunately I dreams all alone

Fantasies I create, dreams I made
Imagines I make, it\'s turn out
I\'m just a dreamer who dreams a better couple
Fantasies I get, dreams I found, imagine I take
Honestly I\'m just a normal person
Who need warmly caress

Poor me, I can do anything on the loneliness
The good thing I can do only masturbate
June 6th 2006 is the great day for both of us
Evil sign is our wedding day
Lord of gore will bless our wedding

Flowered coffin, we sleep inside
Laying down tombstone as our pillow
Together we spend the night
Inside the stuffy coffin

The invitation card made by enemy\'s skins
Inked by their blood on the carving skins
Sign our names by drying blood
We are spreading the sickness together

Celebrate the party on the graveyard
Special guest come and sit on the tombs
No dishes, no drinks but human flesh
From the unburied corpses

The bride crown made by human bones
Decorated by the dead condors
Tinted red by fresh blood
Together we used the barbaric fashion

Be my wife, don\'t trust that\'s all
It would be a murmur while I sleep
I\'m just a normal person
I will be the good husband

I will be the good daddy, you will be the good mommy
We will bunch the live together
I know god will realize my obsession