Koleksi Saya

Your Fashion Customed By Intellect OrthodoxArtist : Rocket Rockers

( feat maruli the marmars )
Our life (are) not even brighter!
It's getting worse again!
The ultimate bombs were in your hands!
Broke a silence and in a flash!

You took away! (You took away!)
Million deaths of innocents wasted!
What was that inside your head? (What was that inside your head?!!)

*No, this is not a fiction
This is our broken future
This is a life-distortion
Well, this world is so full of hate, yeah…

Can you feel the pain from the past decade?
Are you gonna make it worse?
Is that a good reason for you to die?

Your fashion costumed by the 'intellect' orthodox!
Your knowledge is a fool, Your movement is not cool!
Look at what you've done, it's just nothing feels good!

We must reject! We must resist! Huh! All the terrorism threat!

Was it your code of ethics?
Was it your best efforts?
Was it your ticket to heaven?
You just sacrifice us all!

Yeah…we missed our life, our dreams, our safety & our freedom…

But it's not too late…., It's not too late…
It's not too late to take them away from here!