Koleksi Saya

Dismember PleasingArtist : Jasad

Hornying me, tempting me, growing my little dick
Passioning me, desiring me, inspiring me to murder

Stand before me, the short pale woman naked
She has short black hair, deep dark brown eyes
White pure skin without stain
A oval face with sharpe nose
Long slender fingers
Ravishing me up

She takes a step toward me
I feel my hearth pumping
The adrenaline rushing
My lust burning
The wicked instinct rising
Sense my knife for killing
My cock growing hard and ready to fucking

Let\'s dance for me
Suck and drink my spittle
Make me satisfied
Ask me what you want to
I\'ll give you everything before I kill

You are my slave now!

I start to fuck the bound and gagged
I start to fuck the wrapped plastic head
I start to fuck the lie down suffocate

My savage purity to her body
Dropping the impurity to her body

Kissing her neck, sucking her tits
Licking her cunt, kicking her body

I pull out my knife, and stab into her chest
Blood gush to the wall
The sharp blade plugs through every bone
I cut her neck, her destiny\'s mine
Blood gush to the wall
The sharp blade plunges through every bone

The sharp blade torn her body into pieces
Separated head from body, beheaded on the floor
Ripped vaginal skin, cut the legs off
Blood stained my face, blood covered my hand
I throw down the pieces from the 13th floor
Maggots feasting on the ground