Koleksi Saya

FearlessArtist : Jasad

fear to none

live your life
by yourself with the strong hearts
stand up straight,never give up
face your fate,fight for your destiny
die die die die
your life dies when your hands are idle
planting the seeds of good
face your fear and show the power of your will

you have to fear to none when
the ancestor\'s path is guiding you
you have to fear to none when
you walk on the right side

you should fear to fear itself
fear to none
clench your hand and fight for life
fear to none

lost cause of your behaviour
fall cause of your behavior
win cause of your behavior
rise cause of behavior

let your breath be your weapon
conquer the cruelty of life
let your spirit be your weapon
conquer your fate and destiny

sajating manusa
sajating rasa
nunggal sarasa
nunggal kapangawasa

teuas pereup lemes usap
pageuh keupeul lega awur
silih asah silih asih
teguh pengkuh silih asuh

pesatkeun pusaka kabuyutan
pusakana jalan kabeneran
ulah ngejat tur gimbir
sanghareupan hidup lawan takdir

fearless,we and universe are one
the one,authenticity of human and nature
fearless,raise your arms and stand
the one,there is no fate only the power of your will

sajating manusa
sajating sasa
nunggal sarasa
nunggal kapangawasa

never agitate anyone
never molest anyone
never offend anyone
never attack anyone
but if they do it to you
face it with fearless

sumber : asenk666.blogspot.com